Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Our data recovery service offers you the full package: diagnosis, recovery estimation and no recovery no fee service.

Our data recovery service is fast, reliable and done at the forensic level. We can pull your data out of damaged hardware including hard disks, CDs, DVDs and internal or external drives. We can retrieve your damaged or deleted data from all commonly used devices and operating systems, including Mac OS and Linux.

When you contact our data recovery team, the first thing we will do is assess the problem. Then send you a quote and the expected timeframe.

If you are happy to proceed we will start the job and recover your data within the specified time.
We know how important your data is, and how diastorious it can be for you and your business when it is not accessible. Our data recovery teams promise is simple: we’ll get back everything we can, in the format you require, as quickly as possible.
We’re able to recover Windows passwords in the event of loss, or when staff leave the company without telling anyone what the passwords they had set for the email accounts and workstation.

If your Operating System has crashed, it is simple for us to get all your data and store them somewhere safe while you reinstall the computers OS. However if your data has been lost as the result of damaged physical components in your machine, we may have to repair the hardware itself, saving what data we can.
If you would like any information about our data recovery services, or would like to talk to us about a specific project, please call us or email

  • Fast Efficient Service.


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  • Windows Password Recovery


  • Data Transfer

  • Mac & Linux Supported


  • Internal/External Drives


  • Email Password Recovery


  • Srive Imaging